Reconstruction/Dedication Plant 3

After a major fire in one of our production plants on 15.12.2016, the new plant was rebuilt at an old location within just twelve months.

With the help of authorities, insurance companies and service providers, the first measures could be taken immediately after the end of the extinguishing work. The discussions with the insurance companies were positive: the building, the machines and the equipment of our customers were invariably insured.

However, the resumption of production in the destroyed factory was completely impossible, so we needed to find a solution very quickly to ensure the supply of components to our customers. Fortunately, we were able to rent a vacant property that met the required conditions at short notice in the region. Here, the new high-pressure machines were temporarily installed.

The fire ruin was completely demolished and the plans for a new, optimized production plant started immediately. Only a year later, we were able to prove our successful restart. For this occasion, we organized an “open house” and at the same time together with the volunteer fire department Struthütten a Christmas market on the premises. All interested parties were cordially invited to visit the new hall and the rest of the company premises.