Rail vehicles – Partner for innovations

Sophisticated parts and components for rail vehicles

Especially in safety-relevant areas such as rail vehicle braking systems, there is no substitute for quality in parts and components – except even higher quality. With this basic understanding, we have become a reliable partner for numerous companies in the rail vehicle sector. Absolute reliability, transparent processes and binding commitments are our defining characteristics. Not least because of this, we guarantee reliable deliveries. From our involvement in the automotive sector, we are also aware of the crucial importance of our well-known adherence to delivery dates.

From planning to series production

We never compromise when it comes to product quality. We are able to regularly demonstrate our component competence on the basis of individual consultations and close-meshed support. With our know-how, we stimulate impulses and ideas, all of which are aimed at the joint success of the project. As a partner in the development process, we are happy to accompany our customers' projects from the earliest stages. Our orientation as a full-service supplier predestines us for this, since we can offer all process steps from planning to design and prototyping to series production from a single source.

The advantages for our customers are obvious: flat hierarchies with short lines of communication at eye level facilitate quick decisions. Overall, this reduces the time-to-market (TTM), thus increasing the profitability of the products.

A workpiece made of metal.

Guarantors of our quality

We are very flexible with regard to production options. In addition to large series, we also manufacture small series in consistently high quality. Motivated employees and modern machinery are just as much guarantors of our quality promise as the reliable mastery of processes. In addition, we use the technical possibilities available to us for all our projects. With our own toolmaking department, our own design department and the capability of carrying out prototyping close to series production, we have several unique selling points.

Cropped image of a train.

Ensuring high product quality

We are held in high esteem for our partnership-based cooperation. We have long since taken the step towards digitalisation, so virtual platforms and digital capabilities have long been established throughout the company. These comparatively new technologies have helped us once again to increase our product quality and establish connections to help projects succeed quickly and economically.

Our Intdustry Sectors

Our core competencies in the areas of forming and welding technology enable us to produce industry-specific solutions. In doing so, commitment and reliability are our top priorities. That is why we support our customers in the development process, enabling us to also produce innovations in series. Each project is supervised by a member of our staff who acts as a fixed contact person for our customers. Thanks to our modern machinery, our experienced employees and our precise knowledge of our customers' needs, we guarantee process reliability and quality – completely in line with our role as a full-service supplier.

With our in-house toolmaking and design departments, we map all process steps ourselves. We complement planning, design and series production with reliable logistics. That is why we also deliver components just-in-time, on schedule and punctually. To ensure project success, we rely on our expertise, which has accumulated over decades in various industries: