Customer Benefits

Fast, safe and competent as a full service supplier!

With the extensive experience of our employees and modern machinery, we are perfectly equipped to support our customers from a wide range of industries. Our extensive manufacturing possibilities and high vertical range of manufacture enable us to react quickly and flexibly to dynamic market developments.

We regard the combination of our high level of technical expertise with process reliability as a full service supplier as a distinguishing feature that gives us scope for further development.

We are flexible

As a functioning organisation with a business culture focused on performance, we have the ideal prerequisites to concentrate on the goals and interests of our customers. We realise products and services of consistently high quality on the basis of smooth and firmly defined processes.

PWS QUICK describes our ability to react flexibly. The foundation for this is provided by our high level of vertical integration, local processing with short routes and communication with fixed contact persons. Our delivery reliability is also based on these parameters.

A metal workpiece next to the lettering PWS Quick.

We continue to develop

As a family-owned and managed company, we enjoy a high level of trust among our customers due to our professionalism and commitment. Our independence and forward-looking management are among our particular strengths. Long-term thinking oriented towards sustainability opens up a wide range of perspectives for us.

PWS SAFE is a synonym for the development potential at our location. Thanks to our financial independence, we can realise growth at any time. This also applies to space: we have a sufficient amount of floor space at our location to tackle new projects at short notice.

The outline of Germany with a PWS icon and the words PWS Safe.

We offer holistic performance

As a full-service supplier, we have established a solid position for ourselves in a highly competitive market. Our services range from assessing manufacturability and availability and optimising technical manufacturing solutions to prototyping, product realisation and series production. Our full service in the area of manufacturing is supported by our technically oriented key account management.

PWS COMPLETE reflects our entire range of services. In all projects, our customers benefit from our high level of development and process reliability as well as our many years of experience in the automotive sector.


Icons representing the services of PWS arranged around a circle, next to the lettering PWS Complete.

We are technology specialists

As a manufacturing company, technical know-how and the experience of our employees as well as state-of-the-art machinery are indispensable. Our entire competence in development and production rests on the interplay of these skills. We use this competence as a basis to realise complex forming processes that deliver convincing quality and reliability.

PWS COMPETENT characterises our high level of technical competence. Our industrial independence provides the framework for us to constantly reposition ourselves as specialists, for example, in the processing of niche materials such as aluminium or titanium.

A piece of metal next to the lettering PWS Competent.

Our services

We are a full service supplier. In the areas of forming technology, joining technology and cutting technology, we work exactly according to our customers' ideas. We also manufacture complex assemblies through reliable control of all processes with extensive manufacturing options and a high degree of vertical range of manufacture.

Already in the offer phase we advise our customers on economy and efficiency in the production of their components. To avoid long explanations, we use our service tool for online presentations via desktop sharing. After manufacturing, we can also deliver just-in-time and overnight through our logistics department.