Application technology

Developing components according to installation conditions and areas of application

Our passion for precision down to the smallest detail is one of our particular strengths. Particularly in the area of application technology, customers benefit from our distinct understanding of best-in-class solutions. Working closely with our customers, we do everything we can to achieve optimum results. Our aim is to transfer products, parts and components from the prototype to series products and to ensure safe production in consistently high quality.

Guaranteeing the highest possible process reliability

Transferred to the operational level, this means that we use all the resources at our disposal to achieve this goal. In close exchange with our customers, we develop scenarios for optimising component safety while taking qualitative parameters into account. Our attention is always focused on the individual assembly situation and the actual function of the components. To achieve the highest possible process reliability, we evaluate operating resources and capacities, check article designations, check tolerances and assess the most economical production sequences.

Optimal configuration of components

Our operations in the field of application technology are characterised by one central question: “How do we find the optimal design?” This may sound relatively banal, but it is of crucial importance for our clients. Our basic principle is, ideally, to accompany such projects from the very start. Projects that we supervise as early as the prototype phase benefit not only from design advantages, such as the selected materials. Because we think things through to their end, we already investigate possible manufacturing issues for series production in this early phase. Our approach has advantages: On the one hand, it prevents unpleasant surprises in later project phases, and on the other hand, it is the only way to determine the optimal configuration of a component.

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Precise individual steps to a successful project

There are also economic advantages: continuous application support makes a decisive contribution to shortening the TTM (time-to-market) – including corresponding cost advantages. To ensure all this at a high level, we form interdisciplinary teams that define milestones, thus underpinning the project's success with a practical plan. The production concept is actively accompanied by the project manager. The components are described in detail in a document called a “new order assessment”. At the same time, the manufacturing process is precisely laid down in the form of clearly defined individual steps.

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Development Partnerships

With our development partnerships, we can develop and optimise components and processes together with you. In the process, close consultation and communication at eye level are important to us.

Cooperation with long-term partners from the region enables us to realise a wide range of technologies. This way, nothing stands in the way of the optimisation process.