Project planning


Even as early as the quotation phase, we advise our customers on how to manufacture their components economically and efficiently. We develop detailed solutions and point out manufacturing possibilities.

The feasibility analysis is conducted on an interdisciplinary basis. A comprehensive technical and economic analysis points out various possible solutions in advance. Our simulation software enables us to evaluate the forming processes even more precisely and is capable of evaluating technical properties such as material flow, formability, wrinkle formation, material failure, surface defects and spring-back in detail.

Our services

We are a full service supplier. In the areas of forming technology, joining technology and cutting technology, we work exactly according to our customers' ideas. We also manufacture complex assemblies through reliable control of all processes with extensive manufacturing options and a high degree of vertical range of manufacture.

Already in the offer phase we advise our customers on economy and efficiency in the production of their components. To avoid long explanations, we use our service tool for online presentations via desktop sharing. After manufacturing, we can also deliver just-in-time and overnight through our logistics department.