PWS employees plant 200 seedlings for reforestation in Struthütten

At the beginning of November, 25 employees of Presswerk Struthütten GmbH (PWS) planted 200 seedlings in Struthütten together with the forest cooperative. The action served to reforest the local vegetation and was led by Wolfgang Petri, the Struthütten forest manager.

Employees from all PWS departments participated in the reforestation and placed protective covers for the young trees under the supervision of the expert. Within just three hours, a miniature grove was created that can grow up well protected by many caring hands.

Although it will take about 80 years for the trees to reach their full size, the future forest can already be seen. PWS staff placed a corten steel sign near the trees that not only marks the spot but also identifies the different tree species - copper beech, sycamore maple, sessile oak and sweet chestnut - by their leaf shapes.

The tree planting campaign is an important contribution to the preservation and promotion of native vegetation. Reforestation of land is of particular importance to the environment, as forests play an important role in the production of oxygen and serve as habitat for numerous animal species. With their commitment, PWS employees have shown that everyone can contribute to protecting and preserving the environment.