Cleanliness has the highest priority

In the production of stamped and formed parts, we use various lubricants that adhere to the surface of the finished components and have to be removed. The cleanliness of the components is crucial for further processing and has a significant influence on the quality of the finished products.

By integrating an 18 tonne parts cleaning system, the components manufactured at PWS can be cleaned and preserved in the internal process flow. The heatable single-chamber flooding system rinses our components in a hermetically sealed working chamber. The rotation and swivelling of the product baskets can be individually adjusted for each washing process. Oils and greases are separated via an integrated vacuum distillation system and collected in a level-monitored intermediate container.

The loaded boxes are fed in via an automatic loading and unloading device on driven roller conveyors. Adapter frames made of stainless steel ensure that the wash boxes are precisely accommodated.