Mechanical processing

Information on our internal processing options

  • 3-axis milling max. X1.200 Y900 Z500 (mm)
  • 5-axis milling max. X1.000 Y800 Z700 Ø 1.000 (mm)
  • Lathe max. Ø 450 x 1.000 (mm)
  • Flat grinding max. 1.000 x 450 (mm)
  • Sinker-EDM max. X400 Y250 Z200 (mm)
  • Wire-EDM max. X450 Y320 Z196 (mm)
  • Hardening and coating
  • MAG- and TIG welding
  • 2D and 3D lasercutting
  • Water-jet cutting
  • Press brake bending


Other measures on request!