Benefit from
several synergy effects


Strength by diversity

As a customer you not only benefit from diverse in-house technologies, but also from the synergy effects from a number of external technologies that are directly accessible by PWS.



Our affiliated company, VIA Consult, is a qualified partner for all your consulting needs.



We take over the system management for the tasks assigned to us. If we do not have direct access to technologies or processes, there are suitable collaboration possibilities in our profile. For example, we work with manufacturers in the field of wire bending parts and divide tasks, whereby we take responsibility for our products from a customer perspective.


Surface technology

Our affiliated company, VIA Oberflächentechnik, is a competent and state-of-the-art partner for all issues relating to surface technology or trowalizing. We also work with a number of qualified subcontracting companies specialising in coating and finishing surfaces.