We round off our production

6.9.2019 - We round off our production

Automation is very important when it comes to economical manufacturing processes. Punched, lasered and water jet cut components have different burrs depending on the material and material thickness.

The new processing machine from Lissmac removes this burr in a continuous process. Rotating brushes ensure rounded edges on all sides. At the same time, a surface finish is created. Depending on the material, different brush sets are used to exclude material mixtures.

The machine is suitable for processing steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium in the thicknesses of 1-50mm. A wet separator ensures that the pollutes air is extracted.

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PWS relies on innovative manufactoring processes

9.4.2019 - PWS relies on innovative manufactoring processes

With the introduction of 3D laser cutting in-house, we now have the opportunity to machine components without complex punching tools.             

With 3D laser cutting, any inner and outer contours are created on three-dimensional components. Elaborate punching tools for operations such as punching or trimming are no longer necessary. The system is suitable for the production of prototypes as well as for series quantities, especially in small and medium-sized pieces.

For particularly small contours, a special laser head with its additional axis system offers us reliable accuracy with high dynamics. A responsive distance sensor with integrated height control guarantees a consistently high cutting speed.

The clamping devices are manufactured individually for each component in our tool shop.

3D-Laser Welding  by PWS

22.1.2019 - 3D-Laser Welding by PWS

Heart of the new double welding cell is an industrial robot manufactured by ABB Type 2400/16. This is arranged in the middle and alternately operates two workstations, each equipped with a turn-tilt positioner.

With a bearing load of 16kg, the IRB 2400 is one of the “compacts” in its class. A position repeatability of 0,03mm in combination with a 4.000 W fiber laser from IPG guarantees a high-quality work result.

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Delivery of  250 to Stamping Machine

30.10.2018 - Delivery of 250 to Stamping Machine

First exhibited at the Euroblech Hannover, the new punching machine was delivered to PWS at the end of October. The press has a nominal force of 2.500 KN and a continuously variable frequency drive. The table dimensions of 2.000 x 1.000mm are designed for a variety of smaller forming tools.

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New Hydraulic Press Braking Machine

13.8.2018 - New Hydraulic Press Braking Machine

A state-of-the-art press braking machine will be added to our machine park with immediate effect. With a press capacity of 180t and a maximal bending length of 3.100mm, we are well prepared to meet the special requirements of our customers. Our spectrum ranges from prototypes in very small quantities, up to series production in higher quantities..

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New 2D-Laser-System Mazak Optiplex

1.8.2018 - New 2D-Laser-System Mazak Optiplex

By the commissioning of the new 2D-Laser System we can now respond even more flexibly to customer requirements. The 8KW high-power-fiber laser cuts material thicknesses up to 30mm...

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Real Estate Acquisition  Plant 5 / Conversion  to “Logistics Center”

9.2.2018 - Real Estate Acquisition Plant 5 / Conversion to “Logistics Center”

At the beginning of 2017, the neighboring traditional company CSN Carl Schneider GmbH declares insolvency on its own responsibility. The property in Neunkirchen was therefore initially empty...

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Reconstruction/Dedication Plant 3

16.12.2017 - Reconstruction/Dedication Plant 3

After a major fire in one of our production plants on 15.12.2016, the new plant was rebuilt at an old location within just twelve months...

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Acquirement of a Water-Jet Construction

13.8.2017 - Acquirement of a Water-Jet Construction

PWS sets the first step for the Competence Center “Cutting”: Water jet cutting is a precise cold cutting process for a wide range of materials such as titanium, (high-grade) steel or aluminum. Using a high-pressure water jet (using an abrasive) we can cut material thicknesses up to 160mm. Depending on customer specification, we distinguish between separation, production or quality cutting...

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Integration of Plant 4

1.7.2017 - Integration of Plant 4

Due to the renewed insolvency of a rented apparatus construction company, an in-house property was available again. After the handover, the hall was thoroughly renovated. Modern façade cladding, new floor coverings, crane systems, LED lighting and centralized gas supply were some of the key features of the reorganization measures...

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Commissioning of an 800 t Servo Transfer Press

2.5.2017 - Commissioning of an 800 t Servo Transfer Press

The commissioning of the new Servo punching and forming system from Ebu marks an important milestone in the modernization of our production facilities...

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